The keeper of your memories 

When people ask me what kind of equipment I use, 
I answer them - "it's my eyes"... 

Hi! My name is Vidūnas and I am professional photographer!

I would consider myself as a truly happy person, because I am always surrounded by festive happiness and positive emotions. For more than 7 years I am capturing moments of weddings, christenings and other family festivals! Although I work as a professional photographer for quite a time, people who surround me - newlyweds or fiancés, happy godparents or future mommies - help me to feel that the job of a photographer is very special!

The light, emotions and natural views are of highest importance for me in every shooting session, so as a professional photographer I try to ensure that Your wedding, christening or personal photos would make You happy and You would enjoy every moment of the process!

I believe that if you are not a light creating photographer deep inside, you will not be able to create the light in reality as well... The bond between me and my client is valued a lot and I try to create positive and bright connection that could be reflected in wedding, christening and other photos that are created by us together!

If my thoughts about wedding, christening or family photos are close to what you think - I invite you for a cup of coffee.

I would be extremely happy to become a part of Your wedding, christening or personal events' moments.

The keeper of your memories, professional photographer, Vidūnas Kulikauskis.